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The Best Natural Foods for Women's Health

With our passion for natural foods, we realized there were even specific benefits to women's health, everything from preventing the body from common diseases to regulating hormones. A lot of these foods are ones that we already love to add to our diet, but we will be more conscious to add more and more of!

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Can dogs eat peanut butter? - Feeding Your Dog Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is a beloved snack for all ages, but did you know that dogs also love peanut butter? Peanut Butter is a great treat for dogs as long as it’s the right kind of peanut butter. In this post, we share what kind of peanut butter is safe for dogs and creative ways to treat your dog with this delicious treat. 

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Anxiety Coping & Grounding Techniques

Kassandra Heap is a remarkable Calgary-based psychologist who graciously took time to chat with nudemarket about techniques for dealing with common symptoms that may arise during this time of change and uncertainty. We asked about how we can support children during this time, especially since they may be going back to the classroom, and how we can take care of ourselves the best way possible to support others. 

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6 Ways to Build Resilience for Back to School Season feat. Psychologist Mallory Beaker

Practicing Positive Psychology and Building Resilience With Psychologist Mallory Becker Mallory Becker is a psychologist from who makes her sessions feel like you are talking to a friend. We were drawn to her welcoming personality and appreciated how she gets down to the point and shares an abundant amount of proven strategies to help reach personal growth. We reached out to her after finding her business page on Instagram, and being greeted with an array of positive messages about anxiety, mood, resilience, relationships and parenthood. A post of hers that caught our eye, in particular, was an image of a roadway, and on in "resilience" was written in chalk. She followed the picture by a definition of resilience, and some...

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Eating in the Season!

There is a unique enjoyment to picking fresh apples from a blooming tree in your backyard, or roasting a potato your friend has unearthed from their own summer garden. From chatting with Kye, a local Calgarian farmer, we know eating local food in season is also highly sustainable. Eating Calgary-grown crops that are in season is a special treat, because let’s be honest, Calgary is not the greatest hub for harvesting all-year-long. This is why we love eating what is in season from our local farmers gardens while we can.  Some reasons you should be eating with the seasons: 1 - The food is more nutritious  Foods consumed when in season are much more nutrient dense and delicious, because it...

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