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About nudemarket

Hello, we make Natural Peanut Butter

nudemarket is a local Albertan company that specializes in producing a line of delicious Natural Peanut Butters. It's our goal to offer a healthy option that supports your lifestyle and has a positive impact on the environment, and we achieve this by filling every reusable glass jar with Premium American, dry roasted peanuts. Free from palm oil or added sugar, our simple and purposeful ingredients make it possible for you to make sustainable and healthy choices that you can feel good about.

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Margaret's Story

Hello! I am Margaret Taylor, founder of nudemarket Natural Peanut Butter! I love living near the mountains, I love my city YYC, and I love making a difference in people's lives through my business. I started nudemarket because as a consumer, I was seeking healthy options that supported my family’s lifestyle and also had a positive impact on the environment. As we strive to make sustainable choices in our home, we have moved towards a lower impact diet and therefore needed to find other high protein alternatives that were affordable, versatile and obviously, delicious.

nudemarket's IMPACT

In 2020, natural peanut butter lovers bought 21,000 reusable glass jars filled with nudemarket Natural Peanut Butter, an alternative to plastic jars that are not infinitely reusable and often end up in our landfills or breakdown and enter our water systems.

nudemarket Natural Peanut Butter is palm oil free. Did you know that the conversion of tropical forests to palm oil plantations is a leading cause of deforestation and has a devastating impact on a huge number of plant and animal species?

nudemarket Natural Peanut Butter is made with Certified Premium Quality American peanuts. Unlike other leading brands that source their peanuts from other countries such as China and South America, you can rest assure that the farming practices of our suppliers meet the highest standards of health, safety and human rights.

At nudemarket, our procurement, manufacturing and distribution processes are streamlined to reduce waste, and we are constantly working to improve our environmental impact. Our supply and distribution model is designed to reduce the exchange of hands in order to minimize the cost as well as carbon footprint associated with shipping. We are expanding into more and more retailers across Alberta, so you can easily skip the ship and be apart of growing our local economy!

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There are so many reasons we love Peanuts, but just to name a few:

  • Peanuts have 20% more protein than almonds!
  • Peanuts have the lowest water footprint of 4.7 gal/oz compared to almonds at 80.4gal/0z
  • Peanuts are considered a zero waste nut! Everything their crop grows is used in production. Vines can be used for feed or soil nourishment!
  • Peanuts can help to lower cholesterol and are an excellent source of magnesium, folate and vitamin E.