Plastic Free Product Swaps + No Cost Alternatives!

Here is our master list of plastic free product swaps, giving you an option of other products to buy, and alternatives you can do cost-free with the items you already have in your home. 

Have any other favourite swaps that were not mentioned here? Leave yours in the comments and have a Happy Plastic Free July!


  • Single use food packaged in plastic:
⇨ Refillable staples like nudefood peanut butter.
⇨ Have a meal prep night and make your own sauces, condiments and grow your own food! 
  • Plastic straws: 
⇨ No straw at all!
  • Plastic wrap:
Beeswax wraps (or vegan reusable wrap options.)
⇨ Dishcloth secured with an elastic band.
  • Paper napkins packaged in plastic:
⇨ Reusable cloth napkins.
⇨ Cut old clothing to make your own reusable napkins.
  • Plastic dish brushes or sponges:
⇨ Wooden scrubby brush.
⇨ Used toothbrushes, any reusable cloth, citrus peels, or your hands!



    • Filling bulk items in plastic grocery store bags:
    ⇨ Bringing compostable or thick bulk bags that won’t break
    ⇨ Bring containers or empty & clean food jars from home! 
    • Plastic produce bags:  
    ⇨ Use totes, your compost bags, reused plastic bags, or no bag for your produce at all! 


    • Dryer sheets: 
    ⇨ White vinegar on a washcloth. 
    • Dishwasher detergent:
    Dishwasher tabs packaged in a water soluble pouch or Refillable liquid laundry detergent
    ⇨ Fill your detergent cup with baking soda, fill a bowl with one-half cup of vinegar and place it on the top rack and/or add a juiced lemon to the top rack. 
    • Paper towel:
    ⇨ Cut old clothing and reuse as paper towels. 
    • Dish soap:
    Refillable liquid dish soap or a solid dish soap block.
    ⇨ Use hot water, a juiced lemon, salt, baking soda and/or vinegar.
    • Plastic spray bottle with cleaner:
    ⇨ DIY cleaner with vinegar, lemon peels and essential oils. 




      • Plastic hairbrush:  

      ⇨ In a pinch, your fingers make a great comb! 
      • Liquid hand soap in plastic bottles:
      ⇨ Make your own soap!
      • Body lotion in plastic bottles:
      ⇨ Use coconut oil, vitamin E oil or cacao butter. 
      • Bottled shampoo: 
      ⇨ DIY shampoo made with natural ingredients. 
      • Bottled conditioner: 

      ⇨ Wash hair with cold water and use coconut oil to moisturize every week!
      • Bottled shower gel:

      ⇨ Use the same homemade bar soap you use for hands! Add some essential oils for extra scent. 
      • Deodorant: 

      Refillable natural deodorant or deodorant bar.
      ⇨ A DIY mixture of cacao butter, coconut oil, cornstarch, baking soda and essential oils! 
      • Bottled cleanser: 

      ⇨ Play around with different homemade cleansers. Sometimes a wet washcloth is all it takes for some skin types! 
      • Disposable razor:

      ⇨ Metal reusable razor with platinum razor blades.
      ⇨ Make your own sugar wax and use with a cut up old t-shirt. 
      • Plastic toothbrush 
      ⇨ Use a damp cloth to spread toothpaste on your pearly whites!
      • Plastic coated floss 
      ⇨ I saw a comment saying someone used their own hair... personally I'm going to stick with compostable floss but to each their own! 
      • Toothpaste in tubes 

      ⇨ Get your toothbrush wet and dip it in some baking soda! 
      • Makeup remover wipes 

      ⇨ Rub coconut oil on with your fingers. 
      • Q-tips
      ⇨ Reusable metal or silicone q-tip. 
      ⇨ Use the corner of cloth towels or rags with your finger. 
      • Menstrual products 

      ⇨ Cloth pads, leak proof underwear or menstrual cup.
      • Lip balm

      ⇨ Lip balm in a compostable cardboard container or metal tin

      ⇨ Make your own with vitamin e oil, coconut oil and cacao butter. 

      • Clothing 
      ⇨ Organic cotton, hemp, ethically-raised wool, and other natural fibres. and shop thrift shops.  
      ⇨ Repair, make your own, and have clothing swaps with friends!

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