Would It Be Worth It, If It Was Easy?

My morning....

I wake up.  I put on my freshly pressed robe, wash my face, brush my teeth, do my makeup and hair and I go downstairs and make the most perfect lunches for my three darling girls.  I can make them anything for they are not picky at all!  The kitchen is perfectly clean, the floor is swept, the coffee is brewed on a timer.  After Goldilocks 1, 2 and 3 eat their wholesome breakfast of nutritious eggs, toast and freshly cut fruit, they skip to the fir tree scented powder room to clean their pearl white teeth, while singing a tune reminiscent to the sound of birds. 

Then the alarm went off...

...for the third time!  Turns out I had put the snooze button on 3 times, and that makes me late!  There is no way I will face another parent-teacher interview with the teacher pointing her long nose down on me and telling me how many times my kids have been late for school!  I jump out of bed, race down the hall, and don't trip on the laundry littering the floor.  Swinging open the doors, I try to cheerfully holler, "Up and at 'em!"  I fully dress my youngest while she is still fast asleep, carry her slumped body down the stairs, put her on the stool at the counter and open up the dishwasher to pull out the clean bento boxes for lunches.  Oh No!  We didn't turn on the dishwasher!  S@*! "Girls, up you get!" PANIC!

Have you ever been there?  The Morning Struggle is Real.

That is all I wanted to share. 

XO, Margaret


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