July is Plastic-Free


Happy #PFJ Everyone! 

I am so excited for all what this month has in store for us here in Calgary! Get out your calendar, mark these dates down!


July 3rd: New Permanent Popop Location! The nudeRefillery and other nudeMarket products are now available at Reworks in Victoria Park.  Come check us out and remember to #BYOC!

July 10th:  Stampede Breakfast!  The Calgary Stampede begins this friday, July 5th!  And on the 10th, we will be serving up our  nudeMarket Peanut Butter at the Heritage Roasting Company's Stampede breakfast located at 2020 11 St SE.  See you there?  

July 20th:  Zero Waste Festival!  On the 20th we have a very special event: ZERO WASTE FESTIVAL! Put on by Plastic-Free YYC, it’s Alberta’s first festival of the sort. Leading up to the festival, and right up until the end of July, take part in Plastic-Free July! PlasticFree YYC has a nice guide on how to engage with the challenge on their site, but I’ll summarize here.

July 26: Little Vegan Night Market!  We love this market!  If you haven't been make sure not to miss the FIRST Little Vegan Night Market!  NudeMarket will be back with our VEGAN line of zerowaste and refill home products! Don't forget your containers!

July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31: Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmers Market!  Remember that we are popped up at the Farmers Market every Wednesday from 3-7pm!  Come get your weekly plastic free groceries and fill up on your basic home essentials!



In Preparation:

Step 1: Go through your kitchen and bathroom (these are the 2 rooms in our homes that tend to have items we tend to use on a very regular basis).  What objects contain plastic or are contained in plastic? Write it down, separating the items into three categories, which we’ll define in the next step.

Step 2: Organize that list into three categories. The first being large, reusable or not removable, like appliances. The second list is what is used frequently and is reusable, like containers/toys. The third and final list should be of single-use or limited-use plastic objects.

Step 3: Okay, now you have a better idea what you’re up against, and you can define your plastic-free challenge accordingly.

Weekly Challenge:

Week 1: Bring your own bag(s)!

Week 2: Adopt the travel mug!

Week 3: Refuse to buy produce packeged in plastic!

Week 4: Stop using straws!



Don’t get stressed! Have fun with it. Get creative. We don’t need to be perfect right off the bat. What is important is that we are developing awareness around how we use plastic on daily basis, and how we can upgrade to a non-plastic equivalent whenever possible. nudeMarket has your back, we’ll be posting Plastic Swaps all month to keep you motivated! Acknowledge and share your progress, and let’s get the momentum going!

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