5 Reasons Why Buying Local is Better

Image credit: Worn Leather Media. 

Buying local has many benefits, for yourself, your community and our environment! We love being a local producer who supports other Calgary brands, and who makes peanut butter right in the heart of YYC.

There are so many great reasons to support local, but here are some of our favourites: 

1 - Local products are fresher. When it comes to food, what is grown closer to home tends to be more nutrient dense and contains less pesticides.  Our peanut butter is ground in Calgary by us, so you know it’s safe and made fresh. 

2 - Less packaging waste! A ton of local products have more sustainable packaging, or no packaging at all. This makes it easy for you to pick it up waste-free, reducing your impact on the environment. 

3 - Buying local supports the economy. It keeps money in the community, creates job opportunities, and supplies other local businesses.

4 - Eating local products is better for your health. What is grown here has more nutrients and less risk of contamination, and there are no questions about what was used to make what you are buying. 

5 - Products made close to home are often made sustainably and ethically, and support a business model which encourages better systems to become the production norm.

Our local community can be as tight-knit as one city, or as big as one country! We want to support our local-lovers throughout all of Canada, so we are offering free shipping on our peanut butter until Jan 20th!

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