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Happy Heart Day!

I love to make sure Valentine's Day is special.  My husband and I usually celebrate by cooking a delicious meal together. Let’s be real though; I buy the ingredients and he does the cooking! 

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Would It Be Worth It, If It Was Easy?

My morning.... I wake up.  I put on my freshly pressed robe, wash my face, brush my teeth, do my makeup and hair and I go downstairs and make the most perfect lunches for my three darling girls.  I can make them anything for they are not picky at all!  The kitchen is perfectly clean, the floor is swept, the coffee is brewed on a timer.  After Goldilocks 1, 2 and 3 eat their wholesome breakfast of nutritious eggs, toast and freshly cut fruit, they skip to the fir tree scented powder room to clean their pearl white teeth, while singing a tune reminiscent to the sound of birds.  Then the alarm went off... ...for the third time!  Turns out I had...

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Zerowaste 101: 5 Simple Steps

Getting to that place of ZeroWaste is a journey, and NOT like the #1 through the Canadian Prairies.  (If you have never trotted this trail it is a monotonous, straight, eventless ride).   I would compare it more to the winding mountainous roads in the Canadian Rockies or the nauseating curves of the Amalfi Coast! But don’t let that sway you.  This trail is a rewarding one.  Not only for the planet, but for YOU! Here are five steps to help take you on your way to eliminating waste from your life.  If you take one step at a time, and are patient with yourself, there is no reason why you shouldn’t succeed.  Burnout is in the rush of things.  Let...

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