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5 Ways to Reduce Waste While Staying at Home

1- Buy big and bulky  Although filling containers with bulk foods is currently not as accessible, we can still change our shopping habits to reduce the amount of waste as we buy the necessities. Know that you are going through a lot of your favorite pasta noodles? Get a larger size of noodles next time you shop, instead of buying more every couple weeks. This will reduce the amount of packaging that piles up, and if you are driving to the store or getting a delivery, it reduces those carbon emissions as well.  2 - Give your veg it’s best life Buying produce can be tough - you may not know the next time you will get more and stocking...

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Why Natural Peanut Butter Will Change Your Life!

We love peanuts for so many reasons. Along with them being the most sustainable nut on the Earth, they are also one of the healthiest for our body. It takes 5 gallons of water to produce 1 once of peanuts, where it takes 80 gallons to make the same amount of almonds.This is why making peanut butter was a no brainer for nudemarket!

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Local Pantry Staples to Stock up on

There is definitely a line between modestly stocking up with the necessities due to slow grocery delivery times and panic-hoarding toilet paper. If you are able to, it is ideal that you have a few weeks of emergency supplies within your home… This means a decent amount of shelf stable food (and definitely less than 10 Costco sized packs of TP rolls).  Although ideal to have an emergency food supply, it is often difficult to think of healthy foods that will last on our pantry shelves for a long time. To help you out, here is a list of nutritious foods you can stock your pantry with, to keep you well fed in the chance you are unable to get...

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Margaret's Top 10 Zero Waste Favs

Zero waste is a passion of mine, and I love incorporating waste-free alternatives to support the health of the environment and my family. My market was opened with the dream of helping others easily access zero waste alternatives, making the switch to sustainability convenient!  1.  Reusable Paper Towels  Reusable Paper Towels are an awesome direct alternative to regular disposable paper towels.  I get it if you can't let go of the traditional paper towel for gross cleanups like toilets and pet messes, but I am a firm believer in the right tools for the right job, while also minimizing waste in all the areas we can.  Reusable paper towels, like the Kliin ones that I use serve all of my regular kitchen paper towel...

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