nudeMarket Peanut Butter one of the 25 Best Things to Eat in Calgary 2019!

Feeling extremely honoured and PUMPED to be nominated as one of the Best Things To Eat in YYC!

Checkout the article in the October edition of avenue magazine and make sure to come out and join us at the:

Avenue Market: Best things to eat popup event on October 26 at the Inglewood Community Association Hall.

Peanut butter. You may love it or perhaps you may not, but one thing is for sure, it’s rising in popularity. Why is this?

Where nutritionists once warned us to be wary of fat, more contemporary thinking tells us that sugar is the enemy. Little surprise, then, that jam, marmalade and, in particular, curd are far less popular than in the past. And it’s that turnaround in thinking that has boosted the sales in peanut butter. Beloved by the fitness community as it’s high in monounsaturated fats which help to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and reduce heart disease. It’s ideal for runners, athletes and anyone looking at calorie hungry sports.

Our favourite way to consume peanut butter remains on toast, but it has become popular in sandwiches, dropped into smoothies, baking and increasingly eaten straight from the jar or smeared on the end of a banana ahead of a session in the gym. And best of all, it is available at Calgary Coop and at nudeMarket. We also have it infused with non GMO, sustainable farmed, fair trade chocolate or dry roasted peanuts and coconut flakes.…DELICIOUS!

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