Local Pantry Staples to Stock up on

There is definitely a line between modestly stocking up with the necessities due to slow grocery delivery times and panic-hoarding toilet paper. If you are able to, it is ideal that you have a few weeks of emergency supplies within your home… This means a decent amount of shelf stable food (and definitely less than 10 Costco sized packs of TP rolls). 

Although ideal to have an emergency food supply, it is often difficult to think of healthy foods that will last on our pantry shelves for a long time. To help you out, here is a list of nutritious foods you can stock your pantry with, to keep you well fed in the chance you are unable to get groceries as quickly as planned. 

Bonus: all these items are local to YYC and delivered throughout Calgary! Another plus is they can be purchased online on platforms other than the big grocers which are seeing high demand and slower delivery times.

Here are a few of our favourites that you can order online today: 

1. Torill's Table Waffle + Pancake Mix

Flour is in shortage, but this shouldn't stop you from having delicious breakfasts! 🥞

2. Worthy Jam's

Made in small batches, this jam is the perfect friend to pair with our natural peanut butter. 

3. Fitwave Protein Energy Balls

The ideal snack to keep you going, no matter what you are doing in isolation! 🚴‍♂️

4. High Vibe Health Organic Bone Broths

Certified organic broth that is made in Alberta with clean, local, fresh ingredients.

5. Wild Tea Kombucha 

Delicious and raw cocktail-inspired kombucha's that have a splash of fresh pressed juices and a kick of real tea!

6. nudefood Peanut Butter

And of course, our peanut butter is a great shelf-stable addition to your home! It can last for months, although usually gets eaten within days. 🙈 


No ones pantry should go empty, and we recognize that not all of us have access or funds for local foods. Here is a list of some great Calgary organizations that offer food support: 


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