Join The Un-Plastic Revolution!

Join The Un-Plastic Revolution!


Several major restaurant chains including A&W, Ikea Canada and Harvey's have pulled plastic straws from their stores, and politicians and activists alike are asking for changes to plastic waste.

 "What's so bad about plastic straws? They're so small, they must be so insignificant in the grand scheme of things."

 Canadians throw away an estimated 52 million plastic straws per day. According to The Last Plastic Straw, a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging people to reduce their plastic straw consumption, Americans throw away enough straws to wrap around the Earth's circumference two and a half times per day. By 2050, it's estimated that there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.

 At nudeMarket we embrace this change and challenge everyone to make a difference!

 Reusable straws are the perfect first step to reducing the amount of plastic you throw away each day. Don't want to purchase a reusable straw right now? That's okay. Maybe reading this article will change your mind. In the meantime, here are some other small ways you can help reduce your plastic waste:

  • Ask for no straw when you're at restaurants.
  • Bring reusable bags with you when you buy groceries and avoid buying products that come in excessive plastic packaging.
  • Find out which types of plastics your municipality does not recycle and try to avoid those.

Stainless-steel straws are the most popular variation of reusable straws currently on the market. They are sturdy, dishwasher safe, and easy to clean.

Refuse Single Use! nudeMarkets reusable straws are the perfect first step towards becoming a zero waster!  Our straws definitely suck, but this time it's a good thing.  Sold in a pack of 4 with a cleaning rod, they come in a cotton sack which is easy to carry around in your purse for a night out, or your car for your next road trip. Click here to have a look!


  • Dishwasher safe, good for cold liquids 
  • Bent or straight varieties
  • Comes with a cleaning brush 
  • Makes cold beverages taste even colder 


  • Not for use with hot liquids

Benefits and Uses of Using Stainless Steel Straws

There are many reasons why you should update to stainless steel straws.


Environmentally Friendly

Haven’t we polluted the earth enough? According to Mother Earth Living, the manufacturing of plastic products releases a whole set of carcinogenic, home-disruptive and neurotoxic chemicals into the atmosphere. These products eventually find their way to our ecology through the air, water and land pollution.

Teach your kids the importance of switching to environmentally friendly products, such as metal straws to protect the environment. This will encourage them to reduce the use of plastic made products and recycle.


Stainless-steel straws are reusable and last for ages if you clean them properly. Stainless steel does not leach chemicals and does not interact with the product you are consuming. On the other hand, plastic straws can only be used once.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning a stainless-steel straw is as easy as can be. Most metal straws are dishwasher safe so all you do is rinse the straw and toss it inside the dishwasher and you are good to go.

Perfectly Safe to Use

Unlike plastic products, stainless steel straws are perfectly safe to use and BPA free.

Great Gift

Do you have a friend who is obsessed with fitness and spends most of their time making healthy and refreshing fruit juices? A set of stainless-steel straws would be the perfect gift for anyone who is fitness conscious and concerned about the environment. Get your friend a set here and you will not regret it. Our straws feature an elegant and sophisticated design that is bound to become a favorite, especially during the summers.

Unique and Elegant

If you like fine cutlery, complete your silverware collection by purchasing a set of stainless-steel straws. These straws will add elegance to your dining table, making it the center of attraction every time you have guests over. These straws can be used to enjoy all sorts of delicious drinks including frozen cocktails, iced tea, fruit juices, milkshakes and smoothies.

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