5 Tricks to Packing Your Kids Sustainable Food

Getting your kids to eat nutritiously isn't easy 100% of the time - trying to manage both your busy schedules, making three meals a day and attempting to avoid fast food is a challenge. Putting health and sustainability in the mix may seem even more difficult, especially with the changing taste buds of young ones. Here are some tips we have found work for us to help kids stay nutritiously fed well throughout the day!


1) Get a reusable lunch kit.

Bento boxes are a great option for a lunch box! They can hold a variety of snacks and show all options at once, so nothing gets forgotten at the bottom of a backpack. 

2) Make food fun!

Celery sticks? Lame. Peanut butter butterflies with fruit? Heck ya! Let your kids make fun designs that they are excited to eat for lunch. The more animal imitating food, the better!

3) Offer lots of variety.

Kids get bored easily, so give them a ton of selection with bright colours and a variety of little snacks. With a ton of fruit and veggies, this isn't hard to do! Although peanut butter isn't school safe, adding it to their lunch box on weekend adventures or after school activities is the perfect exciting treat.


4) Go litterless.

The healthiest of foods are usually plastic-free, and sticking to a reduced waste lunchbox will help you realize how healthy and cost-effective natural foods are! This is sustainable for the environment and your child's health and will have them choosing real fruit over fruit snacks in no time.


5) Let them help pick.

Although they will probably prefer gummies over berries, giving them the option between two healthy choices gives them control. Allowing them to choose their favourite fruits and veggies for the day will make them feel included and excited!

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